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23. Status Seminar
Research for construction in the context of energy and the environment
27. August 2024
FHNW Campus Brugg-Windisch

Status Seminar 2024
Current research and development presented in compact form.

In addition to in-depth presentations, a pitch session will highlight various projects

Selected speakers present current & relevant projects

Topics: Net zero, circular economy, negative emission technologies & sufficiency

The status seminar is designed for a specialist audience from the field of future construction.

Forscher:innen und Entwickler:innen im Umfeld von nachhaltigen Gebäuden und Städten. Planende, Behörden, Industrievertretende, Architekten für alle die einen Einblick in die aktuelle Schweizer Forschung für den Bau im Kontext von Energie und Umwelt suchen. 


Das Status-Seminar im neuen Format. Als kompakte Tagung mit ausgewählten Referent:innen präsentieren wir aktuelle und relevante Projekte, die das Bauen nachhaltig verändern. 

Researchers and developers in the field of sustainable buildings and cities.

Planners, authorities, industry representatives, architects - for anyone looking for an insight into current Swiss research for construction in the context of energy and the environment.

The status seminar in a new format. As a compact conference with selected speakers, we present current and relevant projects that are changing the construction sector in a sustainable way.


The topics of net zero, circular economy, negative emission technologies and sufficiency will define the day. In addition to in-depth specialist presentations, a pitch session will highlight various projects. 



Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector is a goal that must be tackled as quickly as possible due to the long-term investments in this area. A comprehensive definition of "net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the building sector" is needed so that effective measures as well as limit and target values can be defined. The status seminar will provide comprehensive information on the status of this work and present projects that are investigating and implementing measures to reduce greenhouse gases as well as measures to adapt to climate change. 


The program will be supplemented with various keynotes. We ask the question of where we should start if we want to implement the circular economy in practice.  We will show which negative emission technologies are available today and what potential they hold. We will also address the topic of sufficiency - because reducing and saving is a fundamental factor in achieving net zero. 

The 2024 status seminar will prepare you for all questions relating to net zero in the building sector.



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